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Although it was built as a passenger ship in 1865, it became a part of the Navy in World War I and used as supply ship, lightship and breakwater. Now, it waits, in its original form, for diving lovers at a depth of 5 to 7 m in Anzac Cove.

Konumu Anzac Cove

Massena and Saghalien Shipwrecks

Having collectively completed their last campaign, the ships Massena and Saghalien are today among the must-see underwater monuments. Even if you are not interested in underwater world and history, you must see these wrecks, which still keep their form. For more information, click on View button.

Konumu Ertuğrul Cove

Maria Delle Vittorie and Vincenzo Florio Wrecks

Click on View button for information about the hidden beauties of the wrecks of the ships Maria Delle Vittorie and Vincenzo Florio for which the mysterious pages of the history have not been opened out at the deep down the sea.

Konumu Cape Tekke

Tuzla Web

The role and faith of Tuzla, which was originally built as a passenger ferry, changed with the Battle of Gallipoli. Carried ammunition and supplies to Canakkale Front, the brave ferry Tuzla now is waiting, with its gigantic weight of 193 tons, for the present-day passengers at the deep seas.

Konumu -

HMS Louis

The destroyer which was adrift and gravelled during the Battle of Gallipoli due to the damage caused by the collision with a tow boat, and, was unsuccessfully tried to be rescued and today became an underwater diving point where you can perfectly photograph the diversity of fish and species. 

Konumu Suvla

Arıburnu Lighter

Having completed its last campaign when the naval forces destroyed the supplies which they could not take with them while retreating, this lighter is waiting at a depth of 18m for being visited by diving lovers.

Konumu Küçükkemikli

H.M.S. Majestic

Commanded by the Captain Henry Fitzroy and having been in charge of supporting other naval vessels during the Battle of Gallipoli, the Majestic lies at a depth of 18 to 23 meters in the Dardanelles. It is waiting for exhibiting all beauties of under water and history to all diving enthusiasts. 

Konumu Seddülbahir

Helles Barges

Seeing the wrecks of Helles barges is like witnessing the spirit of the time. You can dive down to 25 m for wrecks where you can magnificently experience the underwater activity and colours and click on View button to get information about barges and technical specifications.

Konumu Seddülbahir


Built as a fishing vessel in Britain and then seized to be sent for its last campaign, which is minesweeping, this giant ship of 188 tons commanded by Henry Charles Taylor is waiting for visitors by keeping its original form at a depth of 27 meters in Suvla.

Konumu Suvla

Arıburnu Barge

The wreck of the barge bringing the underwater beauties of Arıburnu together with the history is mysterious as the date when it sank is unknown. You can click the View button to find the details of the first step you will take to figure out the underwater mysteries.

Konumu Arıburnu

Küçükkemikli Barges

Served to transport military forces, ammunition and animals to the coast after the Canakkale Landing and enabled the soldiers to land through the shallow points, this 17,5 meters-long wreck is waiting for visitors at a depth of 30 meters in Kucukkemikli.

Konumu Küçükkemikli

Mania Web

Served to prevent the passage of submarines, Mania Nets was of vital importance in our seas. One of the survived examples of the nets stretched to an extended area is waiting for those who are interested in underwater history in Akbas Cove. Click on View button to find out about the location and technical properties of the nets.

Konumu Akbas Cove / Nara Cape / Bigalı Fort

Bebek Reef

This unique place which hosts hundreds of species and is where the Halley's comet was first seen in history has many points of diving which diving lovers must see. 

Konumu Bebek Reef


The 11.9 ton Swiftsure type ship built to fight completed its last campaign with its crew in it on 25 May 1915. Preserved the original form well and laying bare all the beauties underwater, it now continues its campaign as a monumental tomb with 73 people lying in it. 

Konumu Kabatepe